Friday, February 19, 2010

a new hello and a sad goodbye

We got a few of our new chicks today. These are the Marans. Our Buff Orphingtons are coming next Friday. Aren't they sweet? The kids love them. But we do have to be careful, Timber already made one of the poor chicks eyes bulge a little by squeezing it. She's going to have to keep her hands off them for a while!And I guess there is a "season for everything under heaven" because this week we also said goodbye to our most loved chicken, Roundy. I'm not much for keeping animals that don't do anything. If we're paying money to feed it and taking the time to care for it then it has to be doing something for the family. Roundy didn't. She didn't lay eggs anymore (except for a few weeks in the spring) and she pretty much just walked around the property at your ankles like a lost puppy. She was however the sweetest chicken I have ever met- and she won me over. She would let you "pet" her and let the kids hold her. She also had a really bad habit of coming in to the house if a door was left open! Monday afternoon she was killed by our neighbor's dog.
We buried her in the flower garden. Good bye 'ol girl.♥


Kim said...

I went to the feed store today and they had chicks too...I was strong though and didn't buy any...yet. It was so hard to make myself walk out that door!! Once the chick area in the coop is cleaned out, we'll be ready to go!

I wondered what Maran's looked like. We're going to get some Aracauna's, Buff's and a couple of guinea hens to keep away the critters.

Sorry about your hen. We've had a couple like that too and it's so sad.

Leslie said...

oh that is so sad...i am sorry about your sweet chicken. those little babies are very adorable.

Cathy said...

I hate hearing about Roundy! That had to have one cool chicken and to have been killed like that is so sad. Your new little chicks are so cute!
I used to make temari balls and would use rice hulls as the base....seeing your bag brought back memories!

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