Monday, February 15, 2010

a little random

1. I'm making our usual sourdough bread today but instead of the milk I'm trying raw cultured buttermilk. Should be interesting to see how it turns out.

2. I can not wait to start the hand stitching process of binding my quilts.......if I ever get a free moment today (besides this one.)

3. For all of you who have been praying, Karen (our pastor's wife) is doing better! Praise God! She just move out of ICU today into a regular room. She is now talking (whispering) and has some arm movements. She is starting PT this week too. The Dr.'s now think that the tumor was NOT cancerous and we'll find out for sure tomorrow! She has a long road of recovery ahead of her so keep praying!

4. I scored a sewing machine at the second hand store today but I'm not sure I want it. The guy said they couldn't figure out how to thread it so I could take it and if I got it to work I could bring them back $5. I'll have to look at it closely.

5. It's so nice to have Wyatt home from school today.

6. Leftover lasagna for dinner tonight.

7. I so want this for Mother's Day.

8. Remodeling is so NOT fun. Unless you're an almost 2 year old with a power drill.

9. I want to make a new apron. I'm going to use this pattern that I purchased.

10. I also just bought this skirt. How cute is that?

11. I'm on Facebook now......finally! Wanna be my friend?

That's it for today folks! :)


Anonymous said...

The machine looks fairly nice...hope you can figure it out.

I like the apron pattern too...very cute...and looks like you should be covered! =)

Leslie said...

fun post...i love the picture of your daughter with the drill. my husband used to put a really big bit on his and then let my son drill holes in the backyard all afternoon. it really kept him busy!!! love the apron and the skirt, i have a soft spot for the prairie style.

CyndeJo said...

I love the drill picture.
The aprons are great!! My husband loves prairie style things, I bought a dress pattern a couple years ago to make a dress because he thinks they are HOT! Cracks me up really that he likes them....someday I will make it and were it.
Have a great week.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

that's great to hear the progress that your pastor's wife is making. i'll keep praying for her recovery.

Leftover lasagna sounds so good! we had a late lunch in town at a mexican restaurant... so, i'll be honest..... dinner was ice cream treats from DQ and tuna fish and ritz crackers when we got home.

I may need to have Timber's help at my place. I'm charging my drill right now so that i can put together 2 more raised garden bed boxes this week.

And for facebook. I have been on facebook in the past but find that i just don't have time for it and i much prefer blogging. but if i ever get on there in the near future, i'll look ya up!

Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Thanks for the update on your pastor's wife. I will continue to pray for her. I'm so glad she's doing better. I'd like to have the Homestead Blessings series too. Do you follow the West ladies blog? They don't post often but I do like seeing pictures of their homestead.

Sunny said...

I just stumbled onto your blog :) I can tell you how to thread that sewing machine.

Dennis C. said...

Most companies let people download a copy of a manual for free. Give it a try! Here is the Singer link:

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