Friday, February 5, 2010

canning in february?

When you get organic apples from your co-op at a great price? then sure, it's good to can in February!

Do these pictures look like deja-vu? (Is that even how you spell deja-vu?)
Better stock up on these babies because come canning season the store will be completely out!I got my seed order yesterday and look what came with it?Isn't that fantastic? We'll certainly be planting this row for a neighbor in our area that could use them!


Leslie said...

yummmy!! are you canning applesauce? i love homemade applesauce. looks like your son is excited to be helping or is it the finish he is after????

Dee said...

Wishing the groundhog would just die and winter would get the message.

Looks yummy!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

what i would love right now is some berries. we have already gone through our supply of freezer jam that i made last summer!!! i told the kids they better pick more this year, because they complain that it's gone!

love the idea of planting a certain row/rows in the garden specifically for the needy. that is so wonderful that the company is doing that.

when do you plant your garden? soon? we don't plant until May. our ground takes awhile to dry out and warm up. i was in the garden yesterday spreading manure and digging out the big weeds and our soil is still hard-packed clay. but it has been raining alot!

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