Wednesday, February 24, 2010

another finished quilt

I finished Mason's quilt yesterday and it turned out so cute! I love the flannel, it is super soft! And look at this cuteness? I so love that boy!
Lunch today was so good. While I was taking meat out of the freezer last night, I saw a pack of hot dogs in there that I had totally forgotten about. It made me think of Cindy's comment about having them with sauerkraut for lunch. I then knew what we were having for lunch today! On warm, homemade tortillas. Yum!


Lynette said...

The quilt turned out so cute!! And the baby isn't too shabby either;) Love you all!

KaHolly said...

The quilt did turn out cute. That baby is adorable! Just check out those eyes. Homemade tortillas? You do it all, don't you? You've made me hungry, so off I go to pull together some supper. No homemade tortillas here! ~karen

Kim said...

We were supposed to have corndog muffins today, but I forgot to buy some! Oops.

Where do you find the time to finish your quilts? My goodness, mine just keep stacking up! As for your son, oh dear, he is too cute!

bekah said...

that quilt is precious! i've always loved that fabric :]

Cindy said...

That is one sweet baby. The quilt turned out really well. You are amazing.... sewing is not anything I can do.

The hot dog/tortilla/sauerkraut looks really good. We had cheese toast with some sourdough right on the edge of stale. Finished the loaf off and have others rising.

Yikes... it just goes on and on :)

Thanks for the great pics.

Anonymous said...

Awww...he's so precious...and quilt...of course it's amazing! You put me to shame...I can't get motivated to sew!

But eat, that's another story...those dogs look amazing and I haven't had any kraut in a long time...I'm drooling! =)

Unknown said...

Great little quilt! Such a cutie on the quilt too. MMMMM... homemade tortillas, wow!

Leslie said...

i love sauerkraut!!! that looks so tasty. i love the quilt it looks great...and that little man is so adorable

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