Saturday, February 6, 2010


One more quilt top down, three hundred to go!
I finished this top today and need to work on piecing a back together since I just have remnants of the fabric left.Then I started cutting fabric for my blue and tan civil war era reproduction fabric star quilt. Great name, huh?This quilt is actually for me to keep so it won't be going into the shop. I just might have so much fabric left over though that I may make a smaller lap quilt with the same pattern. (Yeah, I went a little crazy buying fabric.)
See that piece of paper in the picture? That's my crazy attempt to figure out the right size of squares and triangles I would need for the quilt. I decided that I really dislike working out triangles and math and all the stuff you need to figure out sizes for quilt patterns. Math is so not my strong point (right, Dad?)
After this top is done I'm going to have to admit something to you all. But that will have to wait for now.


Kim said...

Cute cute quilt and I'm totally lovin' the blue and tan fabric! I want all of it! Quilting is a great motivator to strengthen those math skills and a lot more fun when it's applied to a quilt plan.

KaHolly said...

Adorable #1 quilt. And the fabric for quilt #2 is so pretty. I have been admiring the browns and blues together lately. I enjoy figuring the math as much as making the quilt. For me, it's all part of the process. Can't wait to see this next one under progress. ~karen

Anonymous said...

Will you really make 300 quilts? is that the goal for this year? if so, wow!

I just finished a small rag took a lot out of me. =)

I love looking at your creations though. =)

Leslie said...

i really love the fabric
you used in that first fun and pretty

Mountain Home Quilts said...

"Will you really make 300 quilts? is that the goal for this year? if so, wow!"

Wow, if I could make 300 I'd be the worlds best and fastest quilter! :) No, if I make 40 this year that will be good. I mean GOOD.
Does anyone make 300 quilts a year? What does that work out to?
25 per month. Which is like 1.2 quilts per day. Yikes!

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