Thursday, February 18, 2010

If only.....

I heard this from Proverbs 31 Ministries on KLOVE this morning and boy did it hit home. I needed to hear that. I'm completely happy with myself and my husband and my kids but not so much our home. I'm constantly wanting more. I find myself complaining to myself, "Our house is too small." "Our property isn't big enough to do the things I want." "If only we could move- NOW!" If only........
The best quote from this clip for me was "When God’s truth gets inside our heads and hearts, it becomes the way we process life. And it helps us see what we have instead of what we don’t."
I need to remember that! Thanks Lysa!


Dee said...

remembering that it will all fade away and not last, helps me keep my wits about me when it's so easy to want more, more, more!

thanks for the reminder!

Nancy said...

This is such a good reminder! We all forget that from time to time. I so appreciate your post!

FabricFascination said...

So true.

And I listen to Klove too (didn't hear that though).

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I'm all about listing pros and cons lately:

Pros of a bigger place
- more space to garden
- more space for kids to play

Cons of a bigger place
- more weeds to pull
- kids? where did the kids go?

I don't know if this helped at all.
I find myself wishing for more space sometimes too. Like an extra room for workout equipment (like it ever gets used anymore!) and a space for sewing and scrapbooking. Oh, that would be dreamy! uh oh. here I go wishing away.

But then I see how God has provided all of our needs at each and every step of the way. When I got pregnant with Lindsey (#4), we were living in a TINY (1000 sq ft) house with 3 tiny bedrooms and 1 bath. My hubby was working in CA and was only home every other weekend..
I told him things had to change......... and quick!
I began to pray for answers and that very week:
-found out I was pregnant
- Ken got a job in OR
- we found a 4 bdrm, 2bath home on 60 acres ... and the rent was $50 less then in the tiny house!

Anyway, I don't remember where I was going with all this?
oh yeah, being thankful for what we have because God provides what is needed.

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