Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well, it's raining. Again. Yes, the rain that was supposed to stop on Saturday has continued. That isn't surprising for where we live but I was hoping for some sun and dry weather allowing me to get some outside shots of the quilts I have coming out. Maybe later this week.

All of my family is sick with colds- except for me. I guess I have been spared this time. Or, God is waiting for everyone else to get better before I get hit with it, allowing everyone to then pamper me. (Yeah right.)

I watched a friends 11mo old daughter yesterday becasue their sitter had to take her hubby to the Dr. WOW! That was insane! I had a 7 mo old, an 11 mo old and a 22 mo old. Gavin asked me last night if I was ready to have another baby now? Ha- real funny. I don't think I'm there yet ;)

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