Friday, October 17, 2008


So along with fermenting bread I'm also soaking, or sprouting, barley!
No, I'm not making beer, although I will say that the longer you let the barley soak, the more bubbly and sweeter smelling it gets! I almost smells good enough to drink.

I'm sprouting the barley for our chickens. A friend of mine who owns the feed store in town said that it has doubled his egg production! Really? I'm all for that, seeing as we are down to 4 chickens now and it's moulting season. And you know what that means....well, maybe you don't. (It means little to NO eggs!)

Well see how it all works out this winter with our limited sunlight and rainy days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will help us get some eggs!


Unknown said...

I am interested to know if that works! just for curiosity's sake. I am just glad they are for the chicks & not for you to people who eat sprouts eat only certain sprouts? inquiring minds....see what you started *wink*

Dolores said...

I hope your barley sprouts work on your chickens. I remember reading that putting an aspirin in their water was supposed to help too. Good luck with your project.

Mountain Home Quilts said...


Hum, I guess folks wouldn't be partial to just a certain type of sprout. I think it's more of a "making the food alive again" kind of thing. When you take something like a grain and sprout it, it then becomes a live food instead of a dead one. The theroy is that eating live foods is healthier than eating dead ones. Although, when it comes to my meat, I'll take the dead over the

Mountain Home Quilts said...

ooops, too bad there isn't spell check here! :)

Unknown said...

me too on the entree'!

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