Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lard and 40 lbs of Butter

Mmmmmmmmm.................................Now that's my kind of cookin'! Although the title of this post could make you wonder about a few things. :)

A friend of mine gave me some of the pig lard she had made and I used it Sunday night for the first time. WOW- it was fantastic! I am so hooked on lard. Yes, I know that my Dad would argue, "But it's a saturated fat." All saturated fats are not bad though and I would MUCH rather cook with lard than with oil. Yuck- oil just gives me the creeps. Not to mention that at the right temperature it turns rancid. Uuuuuuugghh, I'm getting the heebie jeebies right now just thinking of it!

This afternoon the same friend and I cut up 40lbs of local organic butter! 20lbs for each of our families. I so LOVE organic butter. My family goes through just over a pound a week, and when I'm baking it can easily be 2 lbs a week. So I know that 20 lbs may sound like a lot but it goes faster than you think.

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