Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Little Log Splitter

Well, Layton woke up with a fever this morning. And then about 20 minutes after waking up, he threw up. Not good. Gavin just left for hunting and now I have a sick baby boy! Please pray that he doesn't give it to least until Gavin gets home! A ton of kids in our area have been getting that hand, foot and mouth disease where the child gets blisters on their hands and feet and in their mouths. My MIL said that there are a ton of kids at her school who have been out because of it, plus a good friend of mine who has a little girl that is 2 months younger than Layton is now just getting over it.

I'm keeping a close eye on his feet and mouth (I guess that's where it first shows up.) I would be so thankful if it just turns out that Layton has the flu bug because a week of a sick boy with blisters everywhere does not sound like fun!

Anyway, I took these pictures of Layton the other morning. He absolutely loves to help build fires. He's such the little stud! Just thought I'd share.

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