Saturday, October 25, 2008

Another Baby on the Way!

No, no, no. Not me!! Oh my gosh, wouldn't that be scary right now? A 22mo old, a 7 mo old, and one on the way? I think not.

Congrats to a great friend of mine, Stephanie! She called yesterday to give me the good news! She and her husband have 4 terrific kids already and adding #5 will be all that more of a blessing! I am so excited for them. Although Steph says that they probably will end up finding out the sex of their baby, I'm still going to keep my fingers crossed that they let this one be a surprise! They already have one girl and three boys so they're prepared either way. I know that the Lord will bless them with the child, boy or girl, that He desires but I'm still gonna hope for another girl! :)

Here's a picture of Stephanie and I with our little boys last October. Layton and Dillon are 2 months apart. Yes, they are wearing the same outfit in this picture! We're just dorky moms that plan that sort of thing!

Again, CONGRATS big time to Stephanie and her family! Love you Steph!

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Thank you Heather. I really want this one to be a surprise also :) Hopefully I can stay strong, lol. Oh how much bigger the boys are just one year later :(

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