Monday, June 22, 2009


The reason we went down to Oakland last Thursday was for my mom's retirement party. After 38 years of helping children, in a local school district, my mom has decided to retire. It is much deserved and her party was great.

Like usual, I have about 1 gazillion pictures to share, but I'll try an limit them to under 20, so get ready! :)

These first ones are actually from the night before we left. I decided that we should have a little summer fun at home and make some s'mores. Let me say that this was just the start of our "not eating so healthy 4 days."

We spent Saturday riding a steam train (hence Layton's new shirt) riding a merry go round and visiting a small farm. I'd have to say that the kids weren't so impressed by the farm. I think it was kind of like, "Mom, we see cows and chickens every day- what's so special about this?" Although Layton did want to hold all the chickens, as in the below shot, and I was surprised that the kids spent the most time by the chickens!

If Layton could completely verbalize what he's thinking I'm sure he'd be saying, "Mmmm, mom is letting me eat all this junk food and I'm gonna cram in whatever I can!!"

Timber and Grandma

Sibling love. I'll use this photo when the kids are older and at each others throats. See, you really do love your sister/brother.
Wyatt has an RC car and so does my brother. They took them out driving and my brother allowed Layton to drive his for a bit. Layton loved it!


Unknown said...

What a great weekend! Love the smores pics!

lindsey said...

Hey!!I'm so glad to hear you had a good time. Yay for retirement. Did the kids go into junk food overload?? Mine did at Disneyland...I think it is neccessary sometimes. Well, that's what I kept telling myself with each churro :)

sewfunquilts said...

The kids are adorable, and enjoy your pictures & blog!

Lynette said...

Yay Auntie!!! Congrats on the retirement:) Now she'll have lots of time to come up and spoil your kids rotten!! I better get on making a card for her....

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Looks like a fun time with the family!!

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