Monday, June 1, 2009

finally - a couple winners!!

Does anyone else wish that blogger actually individually counted your comments so that you could easily go to say, #118? I do. Maybe there is a way and I don't know so I therefore just spent about 20 minutes trying to make sure that who I counted as #118 actually WAS #118. I need an easier way to do this! O.k., enough of my ramblings, you just want the good stuff right?
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Here are your random numbers:

225, 118
Timestamp: 2009-06-01 12:52:03 UTC

So that means that Jen from Fabric Chick and julbgs from Julie Bugs are my two winners! Congrats! :) I'll try and get a hold of both of you this morning to get all your info. Unless you get a hold of me first!

Now for Deb. As promised you get a prize too. You have your choice between 3 Moda Charm Packs; Portugal, Fabulous Fall or American Primer. I can't find a pic for the American Primer one and honestly, it's 6:15am here and I don't want to go get my camera but you can see the fabric scheme here.

Let me know which one you'd like and I'll get it out to you!

As for everyone else, thanks so much for playing. I had so much fun doing this giveaway! If you follow along I promise to do another giveaway in the coming months!


Kim D. said...

Congratulations to the winners... Such gorgeous fabrics..

bugman said...

You could use JavaScript to count the blogs. It works with most browsers and is furnished with most computers for free. Your website has a number of JavaScript programs (all of the .js files).

Or, you could select the blog that has a timestamp closest to a certain time as the winner. This would be much simpler.

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