Thursday, June 11, 2009

i admit it

I am so lame. I flaked off this morning about going to town and sewed instead. So, I still have no memory card. :( But, on the bright side, I did get the quilt top done for a friend's new baby boy! I have to pick Wyatt up from his last day of school!! in about 30 minutes then the little ones are going down for naps. Maybe, just maybe I can get to town after they wake up and before I need to do dinner. Fingers crossed! Because really, these posts are quite boring without pictures.


Allison said...

I would have done the same, sewing is way more important. ANd I LOVE the quilts in your shop right now, especially the Mary Engelbreit one, LOVE IT!

Cheryl said...

I agree... I wish I could forget some of the running I do and just sew instead! I'm getting there eventually!

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