Monday, June 8, 2009

monday randomness #2

-I just saw that we only have a few bars of soap left and thought, I'd better make some more. Until I remembered that soap takes 6 weeks to cure. Ooops. Good thing Mandi is around.

-Thursday is Wyatt's last day of school- YAY!!!!!!!

-Tonight at 5pm is our ultrasound. I'll let you know who won out on the "should we find out the sex or not?"- Gavin or I.

-Our farmers market starts in 12 days.........yes, I am counting down.

-Today is sunny and I don't feel like sewing. The baby showers are done now so I'm thinking that the outside is calling my name. Much louder than my sewing machine at least.

-I'm making ranch chicken for dinner tonight and I can't wait- it is sooooooooooo yummy.

-Were you all aware that my husband is the greatest man in the whole wide world? Well, if you weren't, you are now! :)

-This post has no pictures because my camera card is acting up and erasing all the pictures that I take. Niiiiiiiiicccce. Good thing there are a few links.

-I found this neat little blurb about Crescent City today and loved how they said. "Life in the region is for a special breed..." hahahahahahaha

All right that's it. Sorry there was nothing interesting. I'll be back tomorrow hopefully with some baby news!


lindsey said...

I'm very anxious to hear about the ultrasound. HMMMMMM....who won??? Ok so I secretly hope you did!!

Lynette said...

Baby News! Baby News! Baby News! Come on, I have to get planning!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

i would love to see the recipe for ranch chicken!
And the outdoors have been calling to me lately also. Not much sewing the last few days, but getting a lot of work done in the yard and garden.
Looking forward to the baby news. I never wanted to know with all 4 of mine. I like the surprise of not knowing until they are born.

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