Thursday, June 25, 2009

curse "Back to Nature"

Ugh, that darn company (who I secretly love) has made a cookie that is so stinkin' good that I want to eat an entire box!

Our health food store here in Po-Dunk doesn't carry them but the huge health food store in Eureka does. And I travel through Eureka about once every 5 weeks to go see my midwife. Thank heavens the store is an hour and a half away because otherwise I'd seriously have a problem.
These cookies taste just like the Girl Scout Thin Mints except there is no hydrogenated oils and no HFCS!! Yep, just normal ingredients. So please, do not try them. Because then you'll blame me for the extra 5 lbs around your waist! :)


Lynette said...

Oh you suck! I'll never get off my extra weight at this rate:)

Cheryl said...

My hubby is a huge fan of thin mints... I'll have to surprise him with these! thanks!

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