Tuesday, January 19, 2010

random tuesday

Welcome to Tuesday. It's storming here today; lots of rain and very high winds. We haven't had any thunder yet but it's in the forecast. I have a bunch on my mind today so we're going with "random" here.

1. Did you know that if you could give up one item that you usually buy at the grocery store that isn't that healthy for you (i.e. those Chips Ahoy cookies, those bags of cour cream and onion chips, those granola bars, that sugary cereal, etc.) you could afford to buy something organic? Like a gallon of milk or some butter?

2. Did you know that you could probably find organic produce for the same cost, if not less (or just slightly more,) than conventional produce? Case in point:

Safeway Fuji Apples- $1.49/lb....... Safeway Organic Fuji Apples- $.99 (on sale)

Safeway Organic tomatoes- $3.99/lb .........Health Food Store Organic tomatoes- $.99/lb

Safeway 5lb bag of Russet Potatoes- $2.50..........Health Food Store Organic Russet 5lb $2.65

If you do some searching you actually CAN eat healthier for less! :)

3. Here's what I'm working on right now......
Hope to have this top done by tomorrow.

4. I'm ordering my seeds from here next week. Gotta start thinking about gardening! Do you know that I only have 90 days until I start planting??!

5. Cuteness on a couch.
6. I made these the other day and they turned out good. Not great but good. I did use WW Flour though so maybe it was just a little too heavy. I used 6 of them and made a great Eggs Benedict Casserole (which I forgot to take a photo of.) Next time I make it, I'll take a photo and share the recipe! It was super easy and yummy!

7. Today I am, making bread, baking cookies, doing tax preparations, quilting, laundering, and hanging out with my family.

8. I made an Oatmeal in the crock pot last night and we ate it for breakfast this morning- yum! and oh so easy. I'll share that recipe tomorrow!

9. I'm making a list of the way we are self sufficient/green living already and a list of what we could do to become more.

10. Baby chicks will be here in less than a month so I need to get on figuring out their temporary accommodations (i.e. get Gavin to build me something.) We haven't had chicks that didn't have a mommy hen, in 5 years so we'll have to come up with something. We're getting 6 Buff Orphingtons

And maybe one or two of these Cuckoo Marans to try out.They look so much like Barred Rocks (Gavin will like that)

Well, that's about as random as I get today! :)


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

ok for your random post, I'll give you my random comments...
1. Do I really have to give up my sour cream and onion chips?
2.your right, most of the time organic is more spendy, but if you watch the sales you can get a good bargain.
3.love what your working on. The green is very pretty and fresh-looking. makes me think of spring coming soon.
4.i was just thinking about getting my garden planned out too.
5.that is definitely "cuteness on a couch"!!!!!
6.I have never made eggs benedict.
7.sounds about like my list of things to get done.
8. i've also never made oatmeal in the crock pot. we had baked oatmeal yesterday for breakfast. my kids love it.
9. we are trying to be more energy efficient and recycle more of our garbage.
10. we had day-old chicks last spring and they were so much fun. i kept them in a large rubbermade tote with a heat lamp for the first couple of weeks and them moved them to the "chick nursery" in our hen house. basically just an enclosed (with chicken wire) box to keep them separate from the big chickens until they got big enough to mingle and protect themselves.
we had one buff orpington. her name was Tansy. she died last summer because she refused to get off her egg and suffocated in the heat. it was sad!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Lisa- LOL!!! :) (But not about Tansy.)

lindsey said...

Heather, you definitely have cuteness on a couch and a ton of random stuff on your mind. My mind is spinning out of control with my quickly approaching due date. 9 weeks and 5 days til D day.

Leslie said...

all of this is so amazing and so exciting. baby chicks and planting!!!

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