Thursday, April 29, 2010

which one isn't the same?

Here are 3 pictures. 2 of them are alike, 1 is not.

Can you tell which one is the odd one out?

Yep. That's Timber. Give her more than 5 minutes outside and the boots and the socks are thrown off and she's barefoot!

The kids and I were outside this morning moving the turkeys and chicks into the coop. They are separated for now and will be for the next couple of weeks. I'm hoping that by doing this it will allow for two things; 1. for the big hens to get used to the turkeys and not be so aggressive towards them 2.for the turkeys to get big enough that the hens don't even want to mess with them due to their sheer size!


Anonymous said...

oh man, Timber and Lindsey would be great buds if they ever got together. I can't keep shoes or clothes on Lindsey.

One day I was out sweeping off the driveway with the big push broom. I was wearing rubber boots, shorts, and a big t-shirt. Some people came up to the stop sign by our house and were pointing and giggling in their car. I was a little offended, thinking they were laughing at me. Then I turned around and there was Lindsey. Pants pulled clear down around her ankles, bare bottom sticking straight out for everyone to see, peeing up a storm!
ah-ha, then I realized those people were laughing at my little country girl.
it was pretty cute!

Unknown said...

There's always one who doesn't like shoes! I've just about given up, but I ask that the feet are washed before they get in bed (remember my Country Floors post? Her feet get dirty even after a bath!)

Unknown said...

Definitely a kid for sure!! That is what I would expect their feet to look like. My kids were always like that!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Looks like Mama has her work cut out for her. =)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Cute! I started reading and got sweaty palms...oh no, a pop quiz. Fortunately, I passed -grin-.

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