Thursday, April 22, 2010

buying local

When you live where we do it's not always easy to buy local. Our local area doesn't support a whole lot and once you go beyond our area, you're driving at least an hour and a half to anywhere else. So I started thinking about the things I buy in respect to food. Where is it all coming from? I was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the things in our home actually come from either California, Oregon or Washington!

Brown Cow- Antioch, CA
Nature's Path- Blaine, WA
Annie's Naturals- Napa, CA
Muir Glen Organics- Sedro-Wolley, WA
Pacific Natural Foods- Tualatin, OR
Kettle Chips- Salem, OR
Lundberg- Richvale, CA

Our meats come from local farmers or farmers in Eureka, CA. Our milk comes from Organic Pastures dairy in Fresno, CA and a local dairy in the next town over. Our eggs are our own. Our grains come from Azure farm in Dufur, OR. Our cheese and butter, from the local cheese factory.

So while not everything comes from right here in our little part of the country, I'm glad to know that at least they're in our broader local area!

Where does your food come from?


Unknown said...

I think that as time goes, we'll see more and more small farms and companies springing up in areas that once didn't have much to offer. I've seen this happen on my own mountain over the 20 years that I've lived here. And I'm learning to raise more and more of my own. Little steps!

LOVE that graphic for Use Fresh Use Local!

Holly said...

I think as Summer brings famers market, that your list will become a bit longer (also when your food starts to grow!)

Sunny said...

We have always raised as much as we could ourselves; big veggie garden, fresh herbs, strawberries, raspberries etc. We also have 3 Amish at-the-farm markets within 10 miles of us here. So what doesn't grow for us, we can usually get from them. We also have our own eggs and beef, also meat chickens last year. And did I mention all the rabbit meat we can eat and then some??

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