Sunday, April 11, 2010

2 extra

I ordered this cute little apron for Timber from Moda Home. It's their Dairy Fresh Apron. The catch though was that I had to order 3. Before I listed it for sale elsewhere, I thought I'd ask you if you'd like to buy my overstock. This is a child sized apron. The wholesale on these was $5.50 for each apron. I then paid some paypal fees and shipping on top of that. So, if you'd like one, I'll be glad to sell them for $6 each. The shipping will depend on where you live- probably only $2-3 if you're in the US and I ship it First Class.
The other 2 aprons are not exactly like this one. The print is slightly different. It still has the same milk theme but each little milk label isn't exactly the same. They're all really cute though! If you have any questions feel free to comment or email me. Thanks! :)
Here and here is the apron retail.


Anonymous said...

I would take one for Lindsey. She would love to have her own little apron for her birthday.
do you want me to email you any info? and how do you want me to pay?

Mountain Home Quilts said...

One apron is now going to Lisa so that means there is 1 left! :)

lindsey said...

i want one for Sarah. You need to come visit anyways ;)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

O.k., Linds, it's yours!! I'll bring it (if I remember) to your sisters baby shower on Sat!

Aprons are now all gone!

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed these - DARLING!

countrynmore said...

Cute apron. Love your blog.

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