Saturday, April 24, 2010

the Rowe homestead

One of my very best friends lives only 10 minutes away. She and I have a lot in common and one of those things is our love for homesteading. Her children are older than mine (except for Wyatt) and are active in 4-H. They have pigs, chickens, and goats on their property. Their horses move back and forth from a pasture to their property, depending on the season.

Their milk goat had twin baby girls last week and so the kids and I went over to visit the new additions.

They were so sweet- I just wanted to take one home. The thought crossed my mind (again) to get a milk goat. I didn't even bring it up to hubby though because I know what he would say. And he's right- we need to wait. We've got our eye on a ranch in Santa Rosa that breeds miniature Jerseys.
But I sure wouldn't mind cuddling one of those little cute kids again!


Holly said...

You beat me to the Rowe post.... We were there last night to visit the kids.

Kim said...

How fun! We have some friends who have a goat dairy farm and they just got through kidding season. I saw her today and she invited the family out to see all the should've seen my poor hubby's face! I'm sure that he won't be suggesting we take the truck! ;)

We've been looking into miniature Jerseys too! Perfect size family milk cow!

Leslie said...

those baby goats are too too cute!!! and those little pigs....ack!! i would love to have a farm to visit.

sewfunquilts said...

Great life for a family and kids.

About Me... said...

I really enjoyed visiting your blog and I added you to my blog list on my personal site.
Shery Jespersen
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