Monday, June 1, 2009

monday randomness and chicks!

- is it normal for your not quite 5mo pregnant belly to look like you're 7mo pregnant??

-the bad thing about having a wood stove for heat; "Honey, where is the box that Layton's new shoes came in yesterday?" "Um, I burnt it." "Oh, o.k. well, they don't fit him." I guess we're not returning those

-is it just me or do all moms of little ones only get to shower every 3rd day?

-getting dressed on Sunday; "Mommy you look like a princess!" then after looking at my bare legs (since I had on a knee high dress,) "Mama, you need some pants!"

-if you don't live on/ near to a dirt road then you just don't get it. but please, don't speed down the road- it creates clouds of dust that blow over onto other peoples kids and house and garden

-taking some great shots with your camera is fabulous, until you realize that the memory card isn't in

-did you know that sawdust is, by a 2 year old's standards, donkey food?

That's enough for now. Here are some shots of the growing chicks.....


lindsey said...

those comments are hysterical. And yes, I think it's normal for an almost 5 mo belly to look more like 7...when you've had kids before. After Mackenzie I got the, "Oh my gosh, you look miserable...or...You must be due any day now." 4 or 5 months later I had my baby. Nice!!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Funny, funny! I can relate to some of those comments. I was going to wear shorts today, then realized I hadn't shaven in awhile. So I did a quick job on my lower legs and wore capri's instead!
And lucky me, I did get a shower (BY MYSELF!!!) this morning!
I'm sure your preg belly looks adorable...
have a wonderful day!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

hahaha- I totally do the quick shave job/wear capris all the time. Shaving to wear shorts is just too much! :)

Brenda said...

You do a great job listing what we all think daily. Sweet. Love the chickens! I have the speckled kind on my list. Husband is into the garden, hen house on hold. You asked what size our garden is, it is 40 X 80. We do have our strawberries in it, but our blueberries and raspberries are in other areas. You must be about my daughters ages. You do a great job on your blog!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Thanks Brenda! I am so jealous- 40x80???!!! Maybe at our next property.
oh, and I'll be 31 this November!

Cheryl said...

love these chicken pictures! Shower time with the little ones awake... don't remember that happening much!

I've missed a lot on your blog! The month of May is a blurred memory at this point!

Brenda said...

Yes 40 x 80 is right. We have 10 acres so we do have a lot of room. But I lived in the city for almost 30 years after growing up in farm county Indiana. I think there is a saying that we always go back to our roots, except I just moved further north to get there. My oldest daughter is 28 this year, she is an illustrator and you can get to her blog WonderINK from my blog site. Enjoying your blog!

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