Tuesday, June 9, 2009

great news!

What a nice start to the day. I got a convo from Janyce at sojournquilts early this morning
letting me know that this quilt was on the Front Page of Etsy this morning! A big 'ol thanks to Etsy Admin for not forgetting about me! tee hee

And in other news, my camera's memory card is not only not working but is now lost. I'd better go get a new one soon because I already wanted to take some shots this morning and couldn't. (OT: Do you know that it's hard to type with a 15mo on your lap?) Ooooh and I just found out in the last week that 2 girlies I know that have been trying to conceive for a LONG time are both pregnant! How cool is that?

Wow, this is almost turning into a Monday randomness post. Sorry 'bout that. Moving on.

So the real reason I was staring this post today was to talk about a sweet little blessing. Our ultrasound went well last night. It was neat to see the baby but not really as fascinating as it was with my first. Gavin and I talked for a while beforehand about whether we should find out the sex or not. Gavin still really did not want to. I had to agree to move the jungle gym for the kids to a different location if we found out. I'm laughing as I type this because that is just so silly. I really don't want to move the gym but o.k., whatever Gavin wants. :) I guess my main reason for wanting to know was that I was really wanting another little boy. If this baby was a girl then I'd want to have another child after this one. If it was a boy then we could be "done." So now we know- it's a boy! Gavin can go get some surgery and we can officially be done repopulating the earth. We're good with 4. But I'm not making any guarantees until surgery is complete if ya know what I mean. A few of you have heard the "we're done" line before.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's wonderful FREE publicity and greatly deserved!
You make me proud to know you!

bugman said...

"repopulating the earth"
--I love that phrase; reading it made me laugh.

PersimonDreams said...

Congratulations on a boy! My DH and I are comtemplating a third becuase I would love a little boy...if we decide to go for it I'm guessing it will be another little girl or twins! We'll just have to see! So good to hear from you in forum again and congrats on FP! Fabulous work!

Jerilyn said...

Yeah...another boy. How exciting. God bless your sweet family.

CyndeJo said...

Congratulations on so much good news!
Your work is amazing and looks great on the FP! Have a great day

lindsey said...

YAY!!!! I'm so excited for you guys. I think the "trade agreement" is sooo silly too. It's so funny how men think compared to women. I love it. I will call you as soon as my stuff gets here so I can show you :) Mom said that we will go "look" at sewing machines together. I have my fingers crossed that hopefully there is a purchase in there as well!!

~Laurie~ said...

Congratulations on your good news - baby and business!!

sewfunquilts said...

Congratulations! Both on your quilt be featured an your baby boy!

Lynette said...

Yay baby boy:) The boys think we need another girl to even us out, I keep telling them #4 would definitely be a boy, and then we'd be even more lopsided! As for the "we're done line," remember that after surgery happens, there is still six months where you can make #5! We're doing it when Tom deploys next so we don't have to worry about those 6 months:P And little man will be the same season as Layton, so score on the hand-me-downs! Love you!! Congrats on both piece of great news!!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

We were "done" after our first daughter was born. We figured 2 boys and a girl. Perfect!! That is until 5 years later, I realized that I was having some familiar feelings... ha ha
Yep, I was pregnant. So now our baby girl is 2 And we are saying again, "We are DONE!".
If only I could talk hubby into the little surgery.
God definitely decides to surprise us sometimes.
Congrats on the baby boy! That's exciting!

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