Friday, September 26, 2008

A Time for Everything

I used to have a little part in my profile in my Etsy shop that said something like, "most of my quilting is done in the winter when the rain keeps me indoors, summer is time for gardening, being outside, etc....." but I then took it out when I amazed myself with how much quilting I actually accomplished this summer. But as we turn to fall, I now see why I had that comment in there and realized that I should have said that fall was my away from quilting time!
I just canned 14lbs of green beans this week and am currently dehydrating pounds upon pounds of apples. I haven't touched my machine or a piece of fabric in over a week- maybe two! So while I am enjoying the great fall weather that we have here and all the other fun things I have to do, part of me is looking forward to this winter when we will probably be getting close to our yearly average of 6feet of rainfall, keeping me indoors with my stash and my machine.
I did list a new item in my shop this past week though. I actually finished it over a month ago and just hadn't taken the photos to get it listed. It's yo-yo Christmas tree garland! Take a gander....

What a fun way for us fabri-holics to add something great to our trees this year!


Sara said...

Fall is definitely the time for canning...I've been doing as much as I can, although I've only been doing jams so far. Hopefully next year Dana might have some spare time to build me a green house and then I can do all the veggies too!

Unknown said...

I LOVE the garland! What a great idea!

It's funny how climate affects our gardens differently. Not only are our beans all canned, but I pulled up the plants weeks ago & already have lettuce & radishes up & running in their place. I do wish we had apples though! We made tons of jelly this year (grape & blackberry).

I am looking forward to cooler weather too, so I can quilt more & worry about the yard less. The fall color pallete is my favorite too, so I love this quilting time of year when the new lines come out!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Sara- We're starting a new garden this next Spring. You have to come over and look at it!!

Shannon- Thanks for the compliment! I didn't know you gardened that much- too cool! I guess it just shows how the areas we live in are so different.

Anonymous said...

I only had a small garden this year, but mom, Christa and I are talking about a huge one next year. We spent the weekend doing some "winterizing" stuff for my grandma...and the boys and I had fun playing farmer in her garden! They picked tomatoes, onions, green beans, lettuce, and the most massive zucchini EVER! She had these amazing little tomatoes called yellow pear tomatoes...they were SO good:)

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