Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sample Week!

Apparently this week is quilt sample week because I have 3 quilts that are now waiting to be bound! I gave ya'll a quick sample of Fall Splendor earlier this week and now here's a quick peek at my 1930's Tumbler and Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilts. I hope that you enjoy them! You can check my shop out this next week to see the completed quilts.


Linda said...

OhMyFreakishWord! I am in love with your "Very Hungry Caterpillar Quilts!" Beautiful!! Love the tumbler too!

Anonymous said...

The Catepillar quilt is unbelievable. What size is it? I am thinking my little Greta might like to be it's owner. Email me Cathy

Anonymous said...

You know how addicted I am to that book...I love the quilt!!!! Did you ever end up using the fabric we picked out for Logan's quilt for anything? We miss you guys:) Did most of my Christmas shopping this weekend...Trying to figure out what to get your three kiddos:P

Anonymous said...

That wasn't supposed to be anonymous...Don't know what happened!?

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Linda- Thank you! :)

Cathy- I emailed you!

Lynette- I still have all that fabric. I'm hoping to use it for Logan this winter!

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