Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Yesterday was a family work day at the homestead. We had Mom and Dad, Uncle Rocky, Auntie Shanna and Grandma and Grandpa all here working! The men worked in the back clearing the ground, making room for the new garden and adding more room to our backyard. Aunt Shanna and Timber worked in the yard cleaning up areas that had been long neglected. Mom and I canned corn. Mom had made a roast to bring over for lunch. Grandma had baked a chocolate cake for dessert. I provided the sweet tea.

I am soooooo excited about this new area in the back! It is going to allow for one heck of a garden next year. I was originally planning on a space about 16x20 but now that we have all this room I'm gonna go for broke and see just how big I can make it before Gavin says, "Uh, honey- that's big enough!" Besides, he's going to be the one fencing it so that the deer and chickens don't completely ruin it, so I guess he has some say in it's size!

I took a few pictures yesterday to share. I obviously couldn't get a better shot of Gavin topping the tree because the best place to take the shot was where the top was going to fall. I did what I could. Hope that you enjoy them!

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Anonymous said...

Go, Gavin. I liked that picture of you topping the huge tree. Only an expert with the right equipment could have done it safely.

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