Saturday, September 27, 2008

He's All Boy

Layton: Enjoys playing with cars, trucks, trailers and tractors. Enjoys driving any of our real vehicles whenever possible. Will play in the van or truck for an amazing amount of time at the steering wheel. Eats like he has a hollow leg. Watches his brother play football and can do an amazing re-inactments of it. Watches hunting videos with Gavin and knows full well what a buck and a gun are. Climbs, ladders, jungle gyms, stairs, or anything else that can go high with absolutely no fear. Plays in the dirt. And the final clencher.......

Had to be taken to the ER yesterday for a pannel screw stuck way way up his nose and didn't even cry when the Dr. stuck a huge pair of tweezers up there to fetch it out!

Yep, he's all off the nob and beat on the dash!


Anonymous said...

Bring that boy up here! I have a John Deere peddle tractor that he can peddle all around my back yard!! And two boy cousins for him to get into "trouble" with.:)

Mountain Home Quilts said...

Just as long as there's no more sticking objects up the nose we're good! :)

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