Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Sweet Things of Today

Today is beautiful outside. Windy, but beautiful. There are so many sweet, lovely things about life here at "the homestead." Thought I'd share just a few of them with you.............

A sleeping princess in our bed! We co-sleep so it's her bed as much as it is ours! Yes, that's a dirty shirt of mine next to her. A sleeping baby allows for some sewing time today.

Raspberries! Lots of 'em. I can't wait until these sweeties are ripe.

Blueberries! Or as Layton refers to them, "Blues." When these are ripe there will be no keeping him out of the berry patch.

Iris. What a beautiful sent they have. I'm blessed with a husband that enjoys gardening as much as I do. These iris were his even before we got married.

A view to the top. Sun shinning through a huge Maple. It's out front of our home and wonderful to lay under in the summer- just watch out for the chicken poop on the ground!

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