Friday, June 20, 2008

Go Raw: Breakfast at the homestead

Breakfast at the homestead.............yummy. Some organic cereal with raw milk.....some raw milk yogurt with organic blueberries. We try (and succeed most of the time, with a few slip ups) to eat as healthy as possible. We love our raw milk. It not only tastes WAY better than anything you could get at the store but is so incredibly healthy for you. And store bought milk is so expensive! In our area, it is more expensive to buy organic milk at the store than it is to get healthy raw milk at the dairy. Why would anyone pay more for something that has been killed by ultra pasteurization and homogenization? Instead of going on and on in this blog about it, I'd invite you to do some of your own research, starting here: You may be surprised at what you discover!
To me, it makes so much sense. If you just think about it, people did NOT used to eat they way we do now. All the processed foods, refined sugars..........dead food (I'm not talking dead like animal dead, I'm talking about food that has been "killed" in the processing process!) Dr. Weston A. Price did some great research in the field where he visited groups of people in other countries that had not yet been touched by western civilization. Their health was astonishing. If you'd like to read more about Dr. Price and his research you can find tons of great info here:
Gavin and I were discussing it the other day, why don't people look into what they are putting into their body? What we eat is what keeps us alive. People can't survive without nourishment. So why "nourish" your body with something not good for it? You wouldn't eat at McDonald's everyday would you? (Maybe you would- ewwwwwww) But most people would answer, "No." And if you asked, "Why not?" they would probably reply by stating that eating McDonald's every day is not healthy for you. Good call. But are they looking into all the other things they eat? The "Healthy Choice/Lean Cuisine" meals in the freezer section? The granola bars down the cereal isle? The pesticide laden vegetables and fruits? The vegetable/canola oils that turn rancid when heated? The boxed foods with MSG in them? Just throw it in the microwave and you're good to go, right? It really just makes me want to yell, "COME ONE PEOPLE, WAKE UP!" Don't you care? Be selfish! This is a time when it's o.k. to be! Care about yourself and your body enough to do some investigating of your own! Your body will thank you for it!
O.k., rant over! :)

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