Sunday, June 15, 2008

Small Town Wonder

Funny story. Ya know how everyone in a small town seems to be related? Well I guess it's true. I just found out this morning that a very dear friend of mine is actually a relative (by marriage.) Before I was married, I worked and lived at a horse ranch. The woman and her family that owned the ranch lived on the property as well. She and I became great friends. She was like family to me- and now I find that she really is family.............

My dad's aunt's brother is the father of a lady that is married to my friend's husband's brother.

Holy cow, that was confusing! :) Maybe this makes it easier... my great aunts brother is the dad of my friend's husband's brother's wife. O.k., still confusing! Hopefully you get the jist of it.

Anywhoo, it is just one of the perks of living the small town life; you find out that the people you love really are like family. Pretty neat.

Thought I'd include a few pics from "life at the ranch!"

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