Sunday, October 18, 2009

i found it!

I'm still on the lookout for a little flannel fabric from the Goodnight Monkey collection (for some border fabric) but I found this the other day and ordered it! Thank you Stitchin' Post!!

Also, I received my caramels that I talked about here and I am in awe!! Beth at Have It Sweet is AMAZING!!! (yes, that did require all capital letters because it's that good) She even sent a sample with my order of her chocolate caramels. So then I went ahead and ordered these and these and these. If you order any from her please be warned that you will be hooked and will never want to buy caramel from anywhere else......ever!!!
Oh, and the caramels never made it to the muffins, they were gone long before I could actually whip up a batch.


Brenda said...

Oh yumm! I love caramels! I use to have a recipe to make them passed down from a grandmother. I need to look for that!

Dee said...

Enjoy your sweets!

lindsey said...

The pic you had posted of the caramels was enough to make me start drooling. I immediately wentto her shop to see what all was there. I will absolutely take your word that they are the best and get some.

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