Wednesday, October 7, 2009

finds.....kid style

I bought this for my children the other day and today in the mail- there it was! Both of my little ones love it and I have to say that I am SUPER impressed with Margaret's work. These things are perfect!! She has done an amazing job crafting them!

Now I only wish she did an extensive line of felt food because I would buy her out! :) Here's her shop link to view other items.

Here's the next item I'm lusting over...

I'm hoping to buy the kids a wooden kitchen for their Christmas present and this toaster would compliment it perfectly!


Lynette said...

Mom and Dad are getting Keira the cutest Wooden "Prairie Kitchen" for her birthday. It's adorable. So I am going to have to start buying this stuff for her...she only has the veggies you got her so far! This toaster is AWESOME!

Dee said...

So glad I had breakfast, cause these made me hungry! LOL The cutest thing since...sliced bread. Thanks for sharing and hope you all have a wonderfilled day!

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