Thursday, October 8, 2009

good, better and best

Finally! Our hens that were born this February just started laying eggs! I was hoping they'd start this Aug/Sept but I guess they're "late bloomeers." Anyway, we haven't had chicks in so long that I forgot how small their first eggs are.

Here's a shot of (from left to right) one of the babies eggs, one of our "normal" eggs and then an egg from a local dairy that raises Red Sexlinks. Um, those eggs are huge!

And here's how my kids feel about all this silly chicken/egg talk!


Dee said...

Your little "chicks" are so precious. I love their smiles! Congratulations on the eggs. My grandpa raised chickens and I have great memories of treasure hunting for the eggs!

Leslie said...

i would love to have chickens and eggs of my own...someday maybe. your kids are so so cute

Becky said...

What darling kiddos!!! I'm happy that you are getting more eggs. They are just somehow so much better than store eggs. Wish I could have some chicks myself.

Unknown said...

MMM Fresh eggs. Do any of your chickens lay double yolks? I have a friend who has one that only lays double yolks...odd huh!?

what happy kids :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful eggs! I'm glad folks like to raise chickens so I can buy fresh eggs -smile-.

Cathy said...

OMG......can your kids get any cuter!!!!! I love their smiles, so happy.

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