Thursday, March 4, 2010

like father like son

I actually found a few spare minutes this afternoon to download these shots and share them! My parents are coming tomorrow for a week which means a couple things 1. help with the house 2. help with the kids 3. a little free time for me. (Yes, I do realize that all of that sounds pretty selfish but I'm excited!)

Anyway, the other day I walked outside to find this......

And then there is poor little Timber who wants so much to be like Layton. You have to remember the girl is only 1. Well, until tomorrow at least when she turns 2!


Leslie said...

look how far up that tree he is!! i would have a heart attack

Cindy said...

What great pictures. Parents are the best! Enjoy your "mommy vacation" to the fullest. Let the kids climb the trees and have some fun time with them.

The kids are adorable.

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday Timber!!! She is amazing trying to keep with with her big brother. She does a great job!!
That will be so nice for you to get some help.....I hope that you have fun with some "me" time. Everyone needs time for themselves, especially moms with small children.

Dee said...

I can remember looking out the window and seeing our sons two stories up staring right back at me!

Many Happy Returns of the Day to the sweet one!

CyndeJo said...

Oh my goodness!!
That is the kind of thing I catch my son doing! It is a miracle we don't have heart attacks on the spot!

Anonymous said...

What a riot! That is too long as it's not my son! =) Boys will be boys!

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