Wednesday, August 27, 2008

On A Roll

....too bad it's not a sushi roll!! :) Yum, that sounds so good right now...........
Moving on.

The roll I'm really talking about is quilting- of course! I should have 2 new quilts listed in my shop by this weekend; the Look and Learn Playmat and the Pretty Plain Jane. I just finished the quilt top for my Fall Splendor, Very Hungry Caterpillar and 30's Tumbler quilts and finished a strand of, completely hand sewn, yo-yo Christmas garland. I cut the binding for my Mumm's the Word on Santa quilt; just need to sew it on. Plus I started another Christmas quilt with the Moda Isn't Christmas Jolly? fabric. Wowsa, if you're not out of breath from reading all of that, I sure am from actually sewing all of it!

So, please feel free to have your shopping self ready in the next two weeks or so! :)
Remember- quilts make GREAT Christmas gifts; one that won't be stuffed into a closet and forgotten about 1 month after receiving it!

1 comment:

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

hi! great blog...i like how you let people know what you are up to and whats coming up!

i will be posting your interview sometime today! feel free to tell your fans! =)

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