Thursday, August 28, 2008

Being a Kid

I don't remember much from being a kid before Kindergarten. But Gavin says that he does. So either he has a great imagination or I just have a very poor memory!
I thought about the joy of being a kid today though when after taking a bath and getting into jammies, Layton went outside for a ride on the swing. I don't think that many parents let their kids venture outside in the evening after getting ready for bed. (I know that I don't. Gavin just somehow escaped the house with Layton in tow and decided to put him on the swing for the first time.)
Here are a few pics from Layton's adventure before bed. It sure looks like he's having fun. He couldn't stop giggling!

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Unknown said...

Great blog! I found it from the article here

Your family is just adorable & of course...your quilts are gorgeous!

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