Sunday, August 10, 2008

My Slump

I've kind of been in a slump lately when it comes to quilting. Life just got extremely hectic and I don't know where the time has gone.

My dad was up for a week to visit us and the grandkids and during that time I think I sewed for all of 1 hour. Partly because I hit a little glitch when my sewing machine blew up (but that's another story) and had to wait to have a new one arrive via UPS. But, while my dad was here he installed the greatest mechanical creation known to the housewife....................

Ah yes, after living for the last 4 years without a dishwasher, I will never take one for granted again. It is a huge time saver for me, not to mention an energy saver compared to the way I used to wash dishes! THANK YOU DAD!! :)
Wyatt is playing football this year and has practice every night from 5-7pm. We had a garage sale on Saturday and got rid of a whole bunch of stuff from my FINALLY cleared out storage unit that I had before Gavin and I got married.
So, between those things and then the house, the business and the kids I really haven't had all that much spare time on my hands. I think it has been a much needed break though. Sometimes I feel so pushed to "get the next quilt done" that I let other things go by the wayside. I have about 8 quilts that I have in my mind to create and I just really don't have the time to do it all as fast as I would like. I think I needed to step back for a moment, remember that I LOVE to quilt and then realize that if my Etsy shop isn't the most successful, highest selling quilt shop on the internet, that all will still be well in the world. Note to self- stay off of the Etsy forums!! :)
My goals then this week are to finish up a play-mat that I am working on, which is very low stress, to work a little more on a fall quilt that I have coming out and to always remember that nothing is more important than my kids and my husband! And that's a good thing!

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