Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Cost of Raising Hogs for Meat

I finally took a few moments to sit down with my pen and paper, receipts, and a calculator to figure out the cost of our hogs this go 'round. I try to do the math every time we butcher because there are so many variables, how much we paid for the weaner (which by the way caused quite a ruckus in the feed store the other day when I asked the owner "how much he was selling his weaners for" and someone over heard me not knowing that I was talking about pigs), how big the hogs actually get before we butcher, how long we keep them, how much food they go through, etc.

So, for this time around our first hog weighed in at 250lbs, via the weight tape, a week or so before we butchered. Her hanging weight- which was her weight with no hide, no head, no guts, and no feet came out to 157lbs. I know that may seem like a huge difference but trust me, that huge head and the hide together weighs a ton!

-We paid $125.00 for the pig (we got it later than 8wks) normally, weaners are anywhere from $80-$100 in our area

-We spent $375.00 on organic hog feed ($750.00 really, since there are two hogs but I split the cost in half for one hog)

-We spent $4.00 in straw (again, halved for the one hog)

So, $125+$375+$4= $504.00 to raise a hog

Our meat then came out to $504/157 lbs = $3.21/lb

We are sending out one ham and the bellies to be smoked this time so our total cost will look more like this: $566/157lb= $3.60/lb

We saved the cost of butchering it by doing it ourselves. The last time we had a hog butchered off our property it was $50 for the kill and then $200.00 in cut/wrap/smoke fees. If we added those onto this hog it would have been $504+$200+$50= $754...then divided by 157lbs= $4.80/lb.

We're certainly saving money by doing it on our own. We can't buy organic pork, let alone bacon, for $3.60/lb. I know the bacon goes for something like $7.00/lb and I believe the chops are around $6.00/lb.

We'll be butchering our second hog in the next few weeks and then in October we'll be getting 2 more weaners. These should be a little less expensive, around $80.00 which will certainly make our bottom line lower. We'll be getting gilts again since we really enjoyed them this time. I actually enjoyed them so much that I was a little sad to see the first one gone but their purpose is food, not as pets. I'm thankful to have a freezer full right now!


Emily Fay said...

Thank you so much for doing this as we would really like to have hogs eventually. Have a blessed week -

Unknown said...

I envy your access to organic feed. Well done! And what a savings- seems well worth the trouble of butchering yourself!

Anonymous said...

I'm experiencing mixed emotions at the moment on this post....I have a love for animals....but I too have to eat...and God did give us animals to eat, along with the fruits and veggies....I guess I don't want to read about it or see it...I'm learning so much about farm life from you..thank you...God bless you and your family...Mel

Melodie said...

This sounds like a success! We have been homesteading for the last 4 years but have never done a hog.We have done sheep ourselves and chickens,and turkeys.We also sent a calf to the butcher. I think it is normal to feel that little twinge of sadness.I do believe the humane way we raise our animals is in line with the way God intended for us to raise our food. I just found you and I have enjoyed catching up on your blog!

Simple Pleasures said...

I just found your blog from the barn hop. Can't wait to check it out further. Please stop by and visit me! I am your newest follower.

Intentional Living Homestead said...

So good seeing the break down...I know it's a little different here in Canada. But probably close enough.

My only thing is, I would never be able to butcher it myself...couldn't do that...plus it would probably devastate a couple of my kids.

Great post.

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