Sunday, September 26, 2010

packin' that freezer

Today is my first day off. I've been cutting up meat for 3 days now and I'm so glad it's done! Gavin arrived home Thursday morning at about 12:15am with 3 bucks in coolers. Hunting was good and we are so thankful. My feet aren't very thankful after standing in the kitchen for 3 days in a row for hours on end but my tummy and our pocketbook will be thankful this winter!
We cut up back strap and steaks, made roasts, ground venison with some pig fat, and canned up even more.
We hunt Blacktail where we live so the deer are relatively small, in comparison to some Whitetail and Mule deer. Yummy none the less though! Gavin and his brother pack into the Trinity Alps every September just before opening weekend.
Camp was right on the outskirts of a meadow- perfect for the horses.

Packin' out a couple bucks.

This was their bed. Glad I missed this hunting trip- it poured rain for the first 2 days. I was happy to be sleeping inside, in a nice warm bed . Gavin told me last night that there were constantly centipedes and spiders in their bedrolls. That just gives me the heebie-jeebies.

From the talk around town, it seems as though this season is better than most. Even locally people are getting bucks left and right!

Does your family hunt? What do you hunt for? Is your season over or just beginning?


Jennifer said...

Here in Utah bow season is over, but rifle will begin in October. My husband and both our boys LOVE to hunt! Last year they shot 2 bucks on our property and we processed them at home-a FIRST for me! We used the seal-a-meal which kept things quite fresh, and no freezer burn. I've never attempted to can meat-yet!
What a blessing that meat was all winter long.
We're hoping for another buck or a bull elk with the tags they have. Pray we get atleast one!

Anonymous said...

I just started hunting last year, but didn't get anything. Our (deer) hunting season doesn't begin until November.

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

My family doesn't hunt...but I do have friends and co-workers that do that...and that's how they get their meat for the entire year. I'm in awe that your hubby and family can do that. That's a valuable skill...and what a way for God to provide for you and your family :) :) :)

Hmm...about the only hungting I do is on weekends...for yard sales :) :) :)...or "hunting" for a good deal at the supermarket :)

Have a great week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Michelle said...

I usually leave the hunting to the men-folk (and my sister), but we hunt for deer and elk, mostly, my husband and uncle also like to go duck hunting, and someday I hope one of them will get me a wild turkey to cook up for Christmas. This year, the first half of bow season is over, without any luck for us, but we're looking forward to the second half of the season, which should be starting up again soon.
I just think hunting is the most natural and healthful way to procure meat. Also, I believe it is the way God set the world up for us to provide for ourselves. Thank goodness for the blessings of the fruitfulness of the earth!

StitchinByTheLake said...

My husband hunts but our season doesn't start until October 1 and then it's just bow season for a while. The "real" hunting is sometime in November. We don't package our own meat but we have almost all of it ground up, with fat added, to make burger. I freeze it but this last year I also canned some and it did great. I used water in some and beef broth in others. Both were good. blessings, marlene

Unknown said...

I'm new here. I found your blog through Homestead Revival.

My husband and boys hunt, geese, duck, pheasants, turkey, rabbits and deer. Our bow season for deer starts Friday. We usually try to get 5 whitetail, which we process ourselves. It seems like a lot, but with our growing family we use it all!

Unknown said...

Congratulations on the meat!!! How exciting. :) My husband and sons hunt, praying for a good harvest this year...our freezer could use some good venison, so could our menu. :) Also praying for elk too. Our general deer season opens the first weekend of October, I think.

Enjoy your meat. :)

Bailey said...

Funny you should ask. I JUST got home from my second hunting trip EVER. I just completed my hunter's education last month and so today we went out again (no luck last weekend) to try and fill the elk and deer tags that I have. In the area we were at, it is currently open for muzzleloaders. Looks like neither my husband or I will be getting an elk this year (darn) but we still have deer opportunities. Something is better than nothing! Love seeing a full freezer!

Anonymous said...

I grew up hunting and fishing with my Dad and brothers. My hubby did not hunt when he was young so he's had to learn a little since we got married.
My boys are anxious to begin their hunt for deer next week. They will also probably go turkey hunting with Grandpa and Uncles this next spring.
I'm hoping for some fresh meat in my freezer soon!

Tami said...

Here in WA black powder season has begun. We'll be heading out Friday evening for hunting possibly until Tuesday. My husband hunts while I'll be camping with the children. Deer, elk, bear are what's possible right now. Jeff is still unsure of what he plans to focus on this weekend.

Anonymous said...

I remember going on hunting trips near the lake in Trinity (I grew up in Redding, CA). It was always a fun trip, but then again we always had air mattresses inside of tents. Congrats on all the meat!

Renata said...

Oh wow - you've done very well. I've never tasted venison, but will have to one day (although I have no idea where to get it over here - we're definitely a beef country).
I've added you to my blogroll- hope thats alright - if not just leave a comment saying so.
Have a wonderful, restful day

Lindsay Burden said...

My husband hunts and has since he was a kid. He got an elk tag this year! So we're going to take a family trip (with our little girl) to see if he can fill it. His tag is for much later though...I think late November? It's gonna be COLD! I've never been hunting before, so I'm just going along for the experience of it all. Sounds like you all are SET!

Unknown said...

Okay I love camping but I hate spiders. I too would much prefer my nice, clean, bug free bed at home!

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