Tuesday, August 3, 2010

DIY: Fruit Fly Trap

They're baaaaaaaaccccckkk! Fruit flies in the kitchen- or anywhere you keep fruit. Getting rid of them all together is near impossible unless you refrigerate all your fruit or don't eat fruit at all.
Here's a handy trap that works well at catching the little bugs.

You'll need:
1 mason jar. I use a 1/2 gallon one but a quart size would work too.
Plastic wrap
1 rubber band

Tear a piece of plastic large enough to cover the mouth of your jar. Place old fruit inside (a banana peel, cantaloupe seeds, apple cote, etc.) Place plastic over mouth of jar and pull tight. Place rubber band around seal of jar to hold plastic on. Cut small holes ( I just use a knife) into tight plastic.
Fruit flies will be able to get in but not out!Viola! Your own fruit fly trap! I keep ours on the kitchen counter and have to replace the fruit about one a week.


Carmen S. said...

This is a great tip! I have used the cider vinegar & dish soap one, but I don't like the looks of the "paper cone" sticking out he top of the jar, will have to try it this way;)

The Chicken Keepers said...

We use a jar and put cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap in it. Then we cover it with plastic wrap and punch holes in it. It works like wonders on those darn fruit flies! Neat idea, though... might have to try it:)

The Chicken Keepers

Carol said...

Well I'm just going to have to give all the mentioned ideas a try. Thanks for all the tips!

Holly said...

I just keep my fruit in a drawer. My husband threatened to have me refrigerate our fruit (yuck!) Or stop buying it (scary!) I opted for the drawer. It works well for me. Your idea gave me a fond memory of my bachelor father in law. He used to put out a bowl of sugar for the ants. He said that the ants would go to the sugar instead of his empty bottles, dirty dishes etc. Needless to say, the ants still remain. I am sure your idea works MUCH MUCH better than his!!!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

That's a good idea!!!...My dad loves to let fruit sit out and ripen...but I don't like the occasional fruit fly...so I'll definitely give this a try. Thanks~!!!...Great tip and it doesn't involve chemicals :) :)

Oh, question, my dad and I received some fresh peaches the other day. should we let them ripen the same way we do with pears?

Have a lovely week. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

FabricFascination said...

You come up with some wonderful tips, never thought of this one. I like the wool dryer balls too.

Leslie said...

my mom could use this idea right now....we were on vacation and had about a thousand fruit flies that would not go away.

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