Wednesday, August 18, 2010


You can make plans in life. And then plans change. I had planned on blogging all this week on canning but other things have come up:
1. We got our two pigs.
2. Wyatt's appointment at the Orthopedic surgeon (that's 1.5hrs away) got changed to Tuesday (yesterday) and the surgeon is pretty certain that he's going to need surgery to repair his meniscus.
3. We have family in town until tomorrow morning and then more coming on Sunday.
4. Mason was sick for 3 days with a fever.
And the list goes on.....
The family though that is coming this Sunday are my parents! They'll be here for a week and guess what my plans are? Canning all week long! I am really excited about it. So I'll be blogging about it next week sharing all the different things I can each day. For now though I'll share a couple great pictures I've taken recently.

Layton wanted to share his drawing. He said it's a boy and his shark. :)

Mason is up and running. Well, not really running but crawling and scaling everything else! And today he is finally feeling better!

Drying parsley.....with hangers, in the laundry room. With lack of room in our home, one has to get creative!

Here are the piggies, Pork Chop and Bacon. We didn't really name them that; actually they don't have names. It's probably best not to name animals you're going to eat.


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

Great pics! Every boy should have a shark!LOL! I'm glad Mason is feeling better. That is such a worry when they have a fever. I love the pigs, and their names. I know you shouldn't name them but it just sorta happens anyway. Our chickens were names Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Were being the key word. The hawks got them. I love the shot of your laundry room. The rolling pins that your aprons are hanging on are adorable. I love it. I like the parsley too :)

Kim said...

Great pics! Now how hard did you have to fight to not name either of the piggies "Wilbur"? lol

I'm glad Mason is better...praying for a quick recovery for Wyatt too!

Ya gotta love "life"!

Leslie said...

oh my goodness those little piggies are so cute! life sure is keeping you busy my friend!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of Wilbur!!!!

I love the shark picture...looks like something my kiddos would draw. And I'm glad the little man is feeling better.

Have fun canning...I'll look foward to seeing what you get too!

Sharon said...

Good Morning Heather :)

"Blessed are the flexible" is what our pastor used to say :) So true! We never know what God has in store for us and who we are to minister to.

I'm glad that Mason is feeling better, poor little guy. Praying for Wyatt too!I LOVE Layton's boy and shark picture, very good! Keep it up Layton!

I had to smile because I dry my herbs in the laundry room on hangers too, then I secure raffia across one of our windows and hang herb bundles from paperclips shaped like the letter 's' :)

Have a blessed day Heather and a wonderful weekend :)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

A good post, it's always best to be flexible because the only constant in life is change and that's, generally, on a daily basis -smile.
The yeast arrived and I thank you for it and the towels, cloth. Whenever I use any, you'll be tucked into prayer.

Unknown said...

Enjoy your visit with your parents and have fun canning!
Love that rolling pin rack you made a while back. It really looks great!

Heather's Blog-o-rama said...

Have a great time with family!!! Glad your little guy is feeling better. The photos are wonderful..and tell your boy that his shark with boy picture is nicely drawn!!! That shark is huge!!! :) :) :) I hope you can do some canning while your family is here. I know a little about what it's like to have plans and then co mpletely change them :) :) I like that phrase "If you want to make God laugh, than tell Him your plans :) :) Have a great weekend, Heather. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

Holly said...

Youre apron rack looks ggreat can't wait to see it in person! Also, I meant to post, I loved Timby's hair in the fair pics.

Anonymous said...

HA... my sister in law used to have a rabbit named Stew. Well, that is, until the dog got to him. oops. Sad day for Stew.
Glad your little man is feeling better. He is looking so big standing there! Cute.
And tell Layton I love his boy and shark picture. Great job, Layton!
We'll be praying for Wyatt.

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