Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soap Making 101: Exfoliators

A good bar of home made soap is only made better when exfoliators are added. In my opinion anyway!
Here is a fun list of some of the additives you can use to create an exfoliating bar of soap.
Cranberry Seeds
Apricot Seed Powder
Poppy Seeds
Dill Seeds
Crushed Grape Seeds
Raspberry, Blueberry or Strawberry Seeds
Any Dried Herb (mint, rosemary, etc.)
Dried Lavender

Are there any others you can think up? Really, you can add almost anything to your bar!


Erin @ Why Not Sew? Quilts said...

flax seeds? I love these tutorials.

Sharon said...

How fun :) There are so many possibilities :) Thanks for posting Heather :) Have a blessed day in Him :)

Tami said...

My husband loves Juniper berry seeds. Very course. A bit too course for my taste. He says it what makes the soap manly. Funny man.

Anonymous said...

if you use dill seed, do you end up smelling like a pickle!!!?? ha ha
I like all the other exfoliators. Oatmeal and herbs are probably my favorite. I also enjoy the cranberry seed.

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