Monday, July 26, 2010

The Pea Pickin' Homestead Update

The peas are ready to pick! Yay! Actually, I really dislike peas. Cooked peas anyway. Raw peas are a different story; I love 'em! So we mostly plant peas simply to pick off the vine and eat. They are fantastic in the garden because the kids can just head in whenever they need a snack and pick a handful.
As I tried to get a shot of the peas that we picked for dinner,

I kept having this problem...

Here are a couple updated garden shots.

We had the hardest time with the garden this year thanks to the rain and cold that stayed until June! My onions had May. I replanted my pole beans about 5 times. Really. I had a terrible battle with slugs this year and they won time after time. The slugs are finally gone and my poor pole beans are just starting to climb. I'll be lucky if I see beans before the cooler weather sets in. Maybe our growing season will get slightly extended since it started so late.

Mason has been enjoying the swing.

And Timber is such a good little helper with anything that needs done outside (and in!)

Wyatt's back from Vertical Life camp and he's been busy building a go-cart!

Gavin is busy with work and the pig pen (our pigs will be here in 2 weeks,) Layton has been keeping himself busy with his trains and the garden hose, and we've been hitting the river as much as possible!

Well, that's about it here. I love summer! How's yours going?


Nabila Grace said...

Beautiful pictures! Gardens are so inspiring in their simplicity! I have been having trouble with my zucchini and yellow squash this year :( They won't grow for anything...thankfully there is always next year! :o)

Anonymous said...

I love peas! Yummy!

Sounds like you're having a great summer. =)

Leslie said...

those peas are one of my very favorite snacks...i love the shots of her helping in her cute little dress.

The Chicken Keepers said...

Love peas! Isn't garden produce the BEST! Check out our blog at

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