Friday, December 11, 2009

growing up, rain and leaf blowers

Not blogging on a regular basis has left my mind racing. Isn't that weird? I sit awake at 2am nursing Mason and thinking of the things I'd like to share on my blog. That's pretty pathetic!
But since I have a few things to share and not much time to share them I'm lumping them all into the same post.
First, Mason. I am so in love with this little boy. I know it's normal for parents to love their kids but I think that I love him more than any other mommy has ever loved her little boy. I'm sure you'd all agree (wink.) He is growing up so fast...and he's barely a month and a half old. He's already grown out of his 3 month old Carter's sleepers! Yikes! I'm really trying to savor each moment with him since I am 99% sure he is my last little baby.

Second, rain. I'm thankful for it today. Yes, I really did say that. Most Del Nortians (is that what we would be called?) aren't ever thankful for the rain. We get so much of it that it's more like, "Oh no, the rain has started. Well, kiss that sun goodbye for the next 3 months because we won't be seeing it." But it's been cold here. And I mean cold. It has been about 27 degress on a regular basis taking Wyatt to the bus stop. Gavin worked in Gasquet this week and it was 19 degrees on Wednesday morning. For us, that's cold. Maybe even record breaking cold for our area. So with the rain comes warmer temperatures.

Third, leaf blowers. Layton loves any and all power equipment. How could he not? He's a little boy and daddy has a lot of it. He was helping in the yard blowing the maple leaves into a pile on a "yardwork Sunday afternoon."

And lastly, even though it wasn't in the title post, a little gift that my SIL gave to me for my birthday that is now in bloom. It's so nice to have some fragrant blooming flowers in the home while everything outside is frozen!


Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

Is Mason that old already!!!? Wow, time flies!

beautiful flowers to brighten your days!
Merry Christmas!

FabricFascination said...

What a nice smorgasbord post, a little of everything. Your boys are super sweet! And the flowers are beautiful. It reminds me to pick some up the next time I am out to brighten up my winter home.

Jerilyn said...

That is crazy to hear you say that you are looking forward to the rain. Janeal says she sees more rain than she likes there too but she may have a different opinion now especially considering her pipes have been frozen for the past few days.

Glad you are enjoying every moment with that little cutie of yours.

PersimonDreams said...

Mason is gorgeous! Well done mama and papa! So good to hear from you! I completely understand what you mean about all the blogging that you want to do...I'm in the same boat but haven't had the time like i used to. I guess that's a good thing because that means I've been busy with custom orders. Take care and hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season!

Dee said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures and family with us!

They do grow fast...but that, like the rain, is a bittersweet blessing!

Merry Christmas!

Carly said...

He is so Adorable! Wow can't believe he is growing out of 3mo clothes. Maybe he is going to be a big boy.

lindsey said...

I keep meaning to call you back but it seems like everytime I try to get on the phone, something comes up. Then we had sickness here (thankfully only 2 people were sick) and this weekend was the basketball tournament for Mackenzie and Jamie. Luke's birthday, my sisters and Grace's are this coming week...aaahhhh!!! When does it slow down??? Mason is such a cute boy. I'm with ya on the definitely warms up a bit when it rains.

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