Friday, May 22, 2009

need some help there?

The babies make it difficult (to say the least) in the morning for Gavin to make his lunch. There are always 4 little hands trying to help out. At least Gavin isn't picky and doesn't really care if his sandwich has too much mayo or that the bread is half eaten.
Layton helps by applying a nice, thick layer of mayo.

Notice the piece of bread in the lower right corner that is being held by some itty bitty hands? That's how Timber helps, she tests out the bread to make sure it's o.k. to eat. In other news, we've now lost 2 of our chicks. Both to predators; whether the domesticated or wild. It's pretty sad and pretty ironic that both of the ones we've lost were my "favorite" ones. I guess it's sad to have them gone but not unpredictable. Our chickens are free rangers and roam the property at their leisure. Losing a chick or two is to be expected. I refuse to keep our chickens in some little coop all day every day. And since we eat meat, I can't fault another animal for eating too. I'll update some pictures of the chicks later this week!
I drove to Fortuna yesterday for my first OB appt. Yes, I know, I'm already over 17wks preggo but really, by baby #3 you've kind of "been there, done that" and all of that stuff doesn't seem as urgent as it did when you were pregnant with your first. And honestly, if I wasn't such a wimp when it came to childbirth pain then I would just have a home birth and not even go the hospital. But that epidural will be calling my name around 7cm!!

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