Wednesday, May 13, 2009

broken down

Ah, the story of our lives. If nothing has broken down in a while, something is sure to. And so this time it's the oven portion of the stove. It's actually been broken since last Thursday. When you make dinner every night it really makes it difficult not having a stove. You really realize how much you rely on it! So we've used alternatives such as just cooking on the stove top (since that still works,) the crock pot and the wood stove. All are somewhat agreeable alternatives except for the wood stove. I now completely understand and appreciate when that was all women had to cook on. It takes a longer time to cook (so you need to plan way ahead) and it makes the house hotter than the dickens!! That option is now out. Really, there are plenty of meals to make not using the oven but I find myself constantly wanting to make something like biscuits, or a cobbler, or lasagna, or baked chicken or something else that requires the use of an oven.
So if you're in our area and you can help us out, we're looking for a new oven. Well, new to us that is. We're looking for a used oven that still works. We don't want to spend the money on a new one right now because we're saving for something like this beauty that will someday go in our new house!


Ramblin Mama said...

As a recent victim of the stove wars, I feel your pain. I blew my oven up a few months back after 30+ years of faithfull service and we "did without" for a couple of weeks. We finally bit the bullet and went "new". I LOVE this one and am hoping for another long and happy relationship!

Lynette said...

Ah! I wish you were closer because we have a gently used one in mom and dad's garage!

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