Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my poor hyacinths

Honestly, my poor Hyacinths don't stand a chance growing here. It used to be that my problem was slugs ans snails- they LOVE to eat the buds of the blooms before they open. They pretty much assure that my hyacinths won't get over 4 inches tall! Now, not only do I have the slugs and snails but I have a very curious 11 month old.....

Here's what they are supposed to look like:

And here's what mine look like from the slugs and snails:

And after Timber gets to them:

Note to self: dig up Hyacinth and re-plant somewhere behind a fence.


FabricFascination said...

I stopped dead in the grocery store the other day because I smelled my favorite spring flower, the hyacinth, and had to have one. I haven't grown my own yet, yours are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's a future master gardener at work!

Cheryl said...

precious memories!

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