Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I just wanted to say that to all of you! We celebrated in style last night. We went to Gavin's folks for dinner, which was fabulous, and then came home, put the babies down to bed and continued to cut up beef until 11pm. Then we went to bed. Nope, we didn't even stay up till midnight. Ah yes, the exciting life that we lead. But you know, when your kids are up at 5am you really don't feel like staying up past 9pm.

So obviously, our cow is now, "All gone" as Layton says and is now completely cut and wrapped. Actually, it wasn't all that bad. Well, not as bad as the year that we had to cut and wrap 4 deer. That was NOT fun. We did do all 4 deer in one night though so that could make a difference. When you're up until 4am cutting up deer meat- trust me- you never want to do it again.

Last night I threw a hunk of meat into the crock pot and let it cook over night. We used it for sandwiches today and OH MY GOSH, it was sooooooo good. Although, it was a cut from the back which should be good anyway. We'll have to see how the rest of it all tastes.

It's a little bit sad to have T-bone gone now but I don't miss cleaning up the pen everyday, that's for sure. It reminded me a little too much of my days at the ranch. Especially the cleaning in the rain. Fond memories and smelly muck boots. Ah.

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Very good!

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