Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Starting Over

Starting something from scratch is one thing. But starting things completely over seems to be another.


The good Lord and my husband saw fit to move us to the most beautiful mountains. And I was so excited to come. So excited for the new adventure, the new life that lay ahead. I didn't even pause to think of what was being left behind.
No more would we have the wonderful chicken coop and run my husband had built. No more bountiful gardens. No more fruit trees. No more greenhouse. No more pig barn. No fences, no easy water supply, no easily tilled ground.
This is starting over. This is hard work. This is leaving all of the former behind in the hopes and prayers of a new life, apart from the world (yet still in it).
This is starting everything over again but doing it in a more deliberate way now. A more conscience way.
 So, the temporary location of a garden is chosen. Rock handwork is started.

Firewood is spilt and stored up for next winter. 8 cords and counting...

 The chickens live in a temporary coop.
 And don't really seem to mind it all that much.

 Seeds are started and the hopes of providing more than just food for my family has come to be.
And from the depths of my heart comes thankfulness, peace, and a blessed assurance that this is the place He wants us to be.


Sewing Mom said...

God bless the journey.

Alicia Charmbury said...

How wonderful for you and your family! :)

Michele said...

I know it is hard work, but it is oh, so beautiful! Glad you are back to blogging more! Blessings!

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