Friday, April 27, 2012

Twirl Skirt

Timber has been begging me to sew for the last few days. Each day I have felt overwhelmed with the tasks that need done and have been putting it off. So last night when she asked after supper, we began.
She said she wanted to make a skirt.
And I said, "One that twirls like your dress?"
"YES! YES!" she replied.

So with no pattern (as evident from the photos!) we began cutting fabric. Fabric she had picked out of my stash. We almost got the entire skirt sewn before bedtime. This morning we put the elastic in the waist and it was complete.
Then she asked if she could wear it outside. Wyatt said as she walked out the door, "Mom, are you sure Timber can wear that skirt outside? It's her new one!" I thought about it for a minute. After all, it did rain yesterday and the day before and all we have around the property is gravel, grass and MUD.

"Yes, it's o.k. that she wear it." I replied. After all, how fun are twirling skirts if you only get to wear them once in a while? It's going to get already dirty. Now it's officially broke in. And she loves it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Timber,

I saw the pictures of you and your new skirt. They were wonderful. You did such a nice job sewing the skirt. I also loved how you could twirl with it. Fantastic!!!


Holly said...

Too cute! She seems like she has a lot of spunk! I love her curls. It would just be punishment to have it hanging in the closet and not wearing it ;)

Kim said...

That's a mighty fine way to break in a new twirling skirt! Adorable! :)

Unknown said...

Little girls sure love those twirl skirts don't they. Timber, yours is very pretty and twirly. Is that even a word?

Unknown said...

Love it! I miss those days...when my little girl loved to twirl in her skirts...and play in the mud. :)

Anonymous said...

Next one will have to be green or you can't see the dirt!

I remember having a twirl dress...I would twirl and sit with it set about me in a circle! It was lots of fun.

Thanks for bringing back a great memory.

Joy said...

How cute! It turned out great, and she looks so happy twirling in it!

Michele said...

Love the skirt! What a blesssed girl she is to have a mommy that sews!

Preciouspeas said...

We can't wait to see Timber's new skirt next week. She looks absolutely beautiful in it! It makes me realize I too need to get motivated to sew.

Peebreeks said...

A really lovely skirt, I mention twirly skirts in my blog this week and I have used one of your photos. Please let me know if that's okay. I have linked it to your blog. You can read the post here and let me know what you think and please let me know if you would rather I didn't.

Many thanks, Peebreeks x

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